The cutest cat pictures in the history of the world

Everyone knows that the internet is made up of 95% cute cat pictures, and when you’re the best blogger in the world you know that you need to deliver to the PEOPLE!

The fact is that cats look cute whatever they are doing…curled up sleeping, on the computer or walking around. Nobody can resist them!

Here are some of the most cuddly, cute and gorgeous kitties, which one is your favourite?

The most extreme Jenga game ever?

Million of people all over the world love to play Jenga, but have you ever seen a setup which is THIS extreme?

As you look down the photo, you can see that all of that weight goes to down to one…single…brick!

Next time you go to a party, why don’t you suggest playing around with the walls…just don’t be the last to pull the brick out!

The most extreme Jenga game ever?

The most extreme Jenga game ever?

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Coolest shoe for summer?

Summer time is when you really have a lot of decisions to make, and summertime shoes are the most difficult to choose.

With this amazing design however, with a zipper around the entire base, when the weather heats up….you can cool down!

Coolest shoe for summer

Is this the coolest shoe for summer?

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